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Ticker Update


You might notice a change in our money ticker on the right sidebar of our blog… we’ve changed our fundraising goal from $30,000 to $34,000. We’ve done this because our agency recently informed families that with an additional trip to Ethiopia required… it will probably increase families expenses by $5,000 to $7,000. This could seem like a lot of money, but seeing how God has provided over $29,000 in the last year… we’re not too worried about it.

We’ve been blown away by the support from friends, family, and people we don’t even know. To everyone who has given or prayed… Thank You! We’re not worried about the financial part of adoption… we’re trying to focus on what it will be like to have our kids here with us. It’s like when you get engaged… you should be preparing for marriage… not just a wedding… ūüôā

Feel free to contact us with any questions… or if you want to contract a painting… Alan still has his creative juices flowing!


Contract Painting for Christmas???


Last week one of Alan’s friends asked him to do a painting he could use as a wedding gift. All he said was it needs to be black, white, and grey, and have a guitar in it. This is what Alan came up with:


Personalized paintings make great Christmas/wedding/birthday gifts. If you want to do something unique and special this year consider¬†contracting a painting. All the proceeds go straight towards our adoption. If you’re interested in having Alan paint something for you contact us at juliebriggsis(at)gmail(dot)com. Or call Alan’s cell at 719-271-5866.

1 Month and Adoption Fundraiser Dinner


So… we’ve now officially been waiting one month. One month down… who knows how many to go…

Also, we’re hosting a fundraiser for our adoption… here are the details… hope you can make it!


Friday November 13th 6:30 PM


Dub Euro Upper Lounge 3958 N. Academy Blvd. (Accross from Vanguard Church)


Anyone interested in supporting our adoption…who RSVP’s!!!


To raise money & awareness for our adoption

How much?

$15 per person

We have been accepted to the wait list, and are waiting to find out who our kids will be. This process will take a few more months but we still have a lot of money to raise. We would love to have you attend, eat dinner with us, peruse homemade & Ethiopian art (available for donation), and hear more of our heart for our Ethiopian adoption. We are preparing a gourmet meal for each person so you MUST RSVP.

РRSVP to juliebriggsis(at)gmail(dot)com by Nov 6th

Hope to see you there!!

Alan and Julie Briggs

$100 for any of these adoption paintings until August 4th!!!


“Love Tree” 12×12 (Acrylic on canvas)CIMG3333

“Paint & Nails” 16×20 (Acrylic on wood)CIMG3328







“Pieces” 10×20 CIMG3322

“That Way” 16×20 (Acrylic on canvas)CIMG3318









“Checkers & Sunset” 16×20 (Acrylic on Canvas) CIMG2995






“Africhaos” 16×20 double canvas (Acrylic-Newsprint-Wire) CIMG3083

Re-gifting with class


I’ve never had this happen before. I called a friend back today, and he said he’d like to buy a piece of art from me…and give it back to us. He explained that he wanted our kids to enjoy it someday and see their daddy’s love for them. He would only pay for it if we vowed to keep it. I was blown away.

Julie generally reacts with “that’s awesome…bummer” when a piece of art sells. Good for money, bad because she had gotten attached to it.

This will be an tender story to tell our little ones. Thanks Kris! You da man!

Roots- because they will always be Ethiopian, our faith has roots there, and family gives roots


New Art for…”donation”


We’ve been stockpiling a lot of art lately and had a house show last night. A lot of art sold, but here is what’s left. For any price requests check out the “My Paintings” album on Alan’s Facebook page or email me at AlanBriggsis(at)gmail(dot)com. We have more art and TShirts there also.

Come to our Adoption Music and Art House Show on June 19th


What: The Briggs’ & Matthews’ are putting on an acoustic house show to raise money & awareness for their adoptions. Come by to hear songs and see art they’ve crafted. $10 at the door and dessert is included. Africa art will be priced for donation, as well as fused glass jewelery. Come join in this process with them as they share their stories on their roads to Ethiopian adoption.

When: Friday, June 19th, 7pm – 9pm

Where: Buchanan’s House – 2366 Craycroft Drive, Colorado Springs