We are Alan & Julie Briggs. We have been married since October 2007 and are lovin’ life. We live in Colorado and are enjoying every minute of it. We love adventures of all sorts and are getting ready for our biggest one yet. If you would like to dialogue about this process further or purchase any merchandise email us at JulieBriggsis@gmail.com


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  1. Hey Alan and Julie,
    We’re so glad you will be adopting two kiddos from Ethiopia! I’m sure Caleb will be happy to have other Ethiopian buddies at church. Alan, you mentioned an art auction to raise money. Mike is interested in donating some art to help you out – you can email him at mike@magnus-creative.com.

    Take care!
    Michele Heath

  2. Hi! We adopted from Mekelle/tigray and are thinking of doing that again. What adoption agency did you use? Email me off list if you can.
    Thanks, Corrie

  3. I found your blog through a friend.

    Your family is beautiful! My husband and I have really been thinking about adoption. We’ve looked into a few agencies. Ethiopia has a huge place in our hearts.

    Colorado Springs, CO

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