Looking at my baby


I get lost sometimes as I look at my baby… I think about how beautiful he is… how much I enjoy seeing how peaceful he looks when he eats as he’s falling asleep… how fun it is to see his first smiles… how adorable he looks when he’s sleeping… who will he turn into… how can I love and support him in the ways he’ll need…

Then I get a little sad… I think about all the babies I’ve passed by in Russia and Ethiopia… laying in a crib all day… touched only to get their one diaper change per day… eating from a bottle propped up on a pillow… their eyes dead… It breaks my heart that not all children in the world are lovingly taken care of… many in our own country aren’t taken care of…

So I’ll attempt to be the best mom I can… cuz when I look at my children… I feel blessed.


About roadtoadoption

We are Alan & Julie Briggs. In June 2010 we brought home Bethlehem and Emanuel from Ethiopia. We're enjoying this new family thing and will attempt to document some of our journey here. In July 2011 we added Eli to the family. No kids to 3 kids in 13 months... possibly some sort of record. :)

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