Potty Training


I’m totally intimidated by the thought… but Manny will be 3 next month and we have a baby coming this summer… it’s time. I’m listening to a Keane song right now and the chorus is chanting at me… “I waited a long long time… I waited a long long time…” This is how I feel about potty training… I’ve been meaning to get around to it for a while now… but I keep putting it off… it’s never just the right time… ha. I don’t know why I’m so intimidated by this… maybe it’s the convenience of diapers… you don’t have to rush to find a bathroom “Right Now!” and you don’t have to worry about pee on the carpet or poop in the car seat… diaper are convenient… but it’s time… eh…

I’ve had many different techniques recommended to me…

*Let him go around without pants on…

*Seclude yourselves for a weekend and take him to the bathroom every 10 minutes…

*Put him in underwear so he won’t like the feel of pee in his pants and take him to the bathroom often…


So… it you have any brilliant advise… pass it along… I swear I’m going to start this process soon!


About roadtoadoption

We are Alan & Julie Briggs. In June 2010 we brought home Bethlehem and Emanuel from Ethiopia. We're enjoying this new family thing and will attempt to document some of our journey here. In July 2011 we added Eli to the family. No kids to 3 kids in 13 months... possibly some sort of record. :)

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  1. I totally believe in the “Toilet Training in the Less Than a Day” method. It has worked for me 6 times!! The key to it, is him being ready. If he isn’t, it will totally flop and be a failure. If he is ready, it works like a charm in about a week.

  2. Unfortunately, you do NOT want potty training advice from me. Good luck! I hope you have better success than I did. My only advice is that my kids knew that training pants were still basically diapers, so they had no problem peeing in them. They are useful for nap time and night time, but during the day they provided my kids absolutely no incentive to pee in the potty.

  3. Well, you can take my experience for what it’s worth cause it did have a big upside (being completely done in two weeks) but also included a big BUT (didn’t start ’til she was 4 years old!). She flatly refused to so much as sit on the toilet despite never having had a bad experience and God knows, spending nearly everytime I was in the BR in there with me, and being bribed with M&M’s, new panties, etc. So when she turned four I hid the diapers for only night and said she was wearing panties. Only one day of a fit and peeing in them then one week of going naked butt (easier on a girl than boy) and we were done. She night trained herself a couple months later. And, we never had to deal with the “potty seat” cause she was too big for it by the time she would sit on it, lol.

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