Monthly Archives: January 2011

From zero to three


Last June Alan and I didn’t have any kids. We were relatively carefree… we could stay out late… we could go away for the weekend… we could sleep in… then… life changed. On June 21st a car pulled up in front of our guest house and two little kids got out… life changed forever.

Betti and Manny are our kids… they bring us joy and frustration on a daily basis… We don’t often go out late anymore… a weekend away is a special treat… and sleeping in… well, we try to take turns with that one… but we hands down agree… we would never go back… we love our kids more than anything and any sacrifices we’ve made have pailed in comparison to the gifts our children are…

So… since we like our kids so much why not have more, right?! On Thanksgiving morning I stared in shock at a positive pregnancy test… actually, it was 2 positive pregnancy tests… and then a third one the next day… and maybe one more the day after that… but that’s beside the point. 🙂 A baby had been on our radar for 2011… it just came a few months sooner than expected. With the ages of our children we knew we didn’t want to wait too long before having a baby.

In June we’ll celebrate our one year anniversary with Betti and Manny… then around the end of July/beginning of August we’ll be adding another little Briggs to the family. Betti is super excited to have a baby in the home and Manny is keeping his fingers crossed for an Ogre baby. I don’t know about the chances of that one. 🙂

Zero kids to three kids in 13 months. That’s got to be some kind of a record… we’re blessed.