Monthly Archives: December 2010

6 Months!!!


Wow… yesterday was our six month anniversary as a family. So much has happened… so much has changed… behaviors that frustrated us are diminishing… personalities that were hidden now flourish… Betti has such a wonderful spirit and Manny is such a joy. Life is so different from┬álast year around Christmas, but we’re so thankful for where we are now.

I remember those first few weeks home in the summer… they were rough… I remember thinking… “I can’t wait until we’re at the 6 month mark”… I was right… 6 months is so much better… ha. So for everyone waiting to bring a little one or two home… remember… it’s hard at the beginning, but give it a few months and you’ll hardly be able to remember all that beginning stuff… it’s an important part of your journey… but it’s great when family is just family and no longer novelty.