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Something I thought I’d never have…


Baby pictures of my little girl…

Thanks T…


3 Months!


Three months have passed since we met the kids. When I look at pictures I almost don’t recognize those two little kids we picked up on June 21st. I’m so amazed at all that has happened these past few months. Adoption in general is hard and adopting older kids can be even harder… but these kids bring our life a joy that we would have never known otherwise. I thank God for these precious gifts… happy anniversary kids!

June 21, 2010




Life is getting better and better everyday. The first couple months home have been good, but rough. Finally we’re starting to feel a little more like a normal family. We wouldn’t change our rambunctious crew for anything… Betti is doing great at school and seems to really enjoy it. Manny will finally go to the church nursery without us. They love playgrounds and sugar… pretty much normal kid stuff… we’re blessed.