Monthly Archives: June 2010

And we’re off…


This week has been a little more than crazy and overwhelming for both Alan and I… but we’re as ready as we’ll ever be. We’re so excited to meet our kids. Tomorrow (sunday 13th) we’re taking off for Turkey. We’ll be there until the 17th then fly to Addis Ababa. We’ll go to Mekele¬†(northern part of Ethiopia where our kids are from) until Sunday 20th then back to Addis. We’ll meet the kids on the 21st and be with them the rest of our trip. We’ll head home on the 29th and arrive back in Denver at 5pm on Wednesday 30th.

We’ve told some friends and family that we’d be happy to have anyone who wants to come greet us at the airport when we arrive. Our parents have our itineraries… but… once we leave the airport we are heading home alone and no one is welcome to come over. (Sorry if that sounds rude, but we have to protect our overwhelmed kiddos.)

Please pray for our travels and adjustment time with the kids. We’re excited to meet other Gladney families and finally experience Ethiopia. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way… this is just the beginning!


A New Era


Tomorrow begins a new era for me (Julie). Tomorrow is my last day of work. As of 5pm Wednesday, June 9th, 2010… I am a stay-at-home-mom!

Alan and I talked about this a year and a half ago when we first started pursuing adoption. I told him it was very important for me to be at home with the kids and not have to use day care or family to take care of our children. (This is not a bash on anyone who uses day care or relatives to watch their children while they work. Not everyone has this option or desire so I’m only talking about me personally right now.)

This decision doesn’t come without sacrifices. The main one right now being that we live with my parents. Our decision was basically to live with my parents and I could stay home… or get our own place and I’d have to work. So… why not have 3 generations in one house?! Everyone used to do that anyway. We’re very blessed that we even have the opportunity to live with my folks so we’re definitely not complaining about that. It will be nice to have grandparents so close by (literally). We wish Alan’s parents didn’t live so far away, but we have Skype¬†and vacations to remedy that.

So there it is… I’m counting down… one more day and I can focus on the job I’ve always wanted. Am I lucky or what!