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4 more days…


That’s all I have to say about that…




8 days… 8 days… 8 days… and they could be mine… I can hardly stand it…


Ask and you shall receive!


Today I was pretty busy throwing myself a pity party. I saw that other families were getting their court dates and I was excited that we might get ours. After the morning passed I thought there was still time, but knowing that Ethiopia is 9 hours ahead of us… and people were getting their calls in the morning… I was a little sceptical. I kept staring at my phone willing it to ring. I saw several people receive June 1st court dates… this made me even more anxious because I thought June 1st would be the perfect day for us to have court. There is something about 1st for us in this whole adoption process… we started the process on March 1, 2009. We got on the waitlist on October 1st, 2009. We got our referral on April 1, 2010… anyway… I was driving home at 4pm… convinced that there was no call for us today because I would have heard by then… so I finally stopped throwing myself a pity party and started looking forward to maybe receiving a call tomorrow. Then… at 4:20pm that famous 817 number showed up on my phone… and guess what… a June 1st court date! That’s three weeks from today. If we pass court on the 1st the kids will be legally ours and we’ll travel a few weeks later to pick them up. Since we made the cutoff deadline for getting paperwork in we will not have to be present at the court date… thanks for all the support and pray that we pass court the first time!

This is getting more and more real. I just might start freaking out soon.


I’d like a date now please


We got some good news last week. Our files made it to court in Ethiopia just before the deadline and we will only have to make one trip instead of two to pick up our kids. Now we’re just waiting to hear when our court date will be. We should hear in the next week or two… but I hope it’s soon. I really want something to count down to.

The building of a room


We mentioned a few weeks ago that we had friends pay for us to buy furniture for the kids room… we spent hours building… so I thought I would post some pictures of how it all came together…

So there you have it… I (Julie) am pretty much a pro at building drawers now… I think I built about a million of them. There is still lots more to do, but the room is coming along… thanks again to our friends who made this happen.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Alan’s sweet Africa tattoo!

1st Update since Referral


Today we received our first update on the kids since we first found out about them a month ago. I wish I could post their cute little faces here, but for now words will have to do… here’s what our update said:

When I showed up to the foster house, “B” was getting some beauty sleep.  Not that she needs any: she’s a real beauty!  After she woke up, she joined the other kids who were already up from their naps—including “A”—in the living room downstairs.  I sat next to her and she was not too excited about it.  I think she really likes her sleep.  Every time I’ve been to her house around the end of naptime, she has been fast asleep while most of the kids her age are awake—either still lying in their beds or up and about already.  Anyway, as I sat with her and watched the other fully awake kids running about, she began to wake up and interact.  She became playful, wondering what the ball was moving up and down in my throat (my Adam’s apple) and trying to sneak things out of my backpack.  She’s quite the charmer and playful little girl when she’s up for it, but if she’s not, you have to give her time and room to warm up.  “A” was lying down in bed when I first found him today but he wasn’t asleep.  Instead, a doting caregiver was kissing his cheeks and tickling his little ribs.  He enjoyed this immensely, though when he saw me, his countenance dropped a bit, as if to say, “Hey. Intruder. You guys see this?”  I think he was experiencing a little stranger anxiety. But once we were downstairs, he came up to me repeatedly and wanted to be held, played with, tickled, etc.  He’s a sweet little guy—playful, warm, and gentle.

Seeing as I (Julie) love sleep so much I think “B” and I will get along wonderfully… 🙂 Can’t wait to bring them home!!!