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Isn’t it great to be 2?!


Today is our future son’s 2nd birthday… Can’t wait to celebrate the next one together! Alan and I are going to go out tonight to celebrate… might even split a cupcake… who knows?!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy… we’re coming…


It was her…


Julie here… I wanted to share a story about our soon-to-be daughter. Some of you have heard this story, but most probably have not… I look forward to sharing this with her someday… it means so much to me and I hope it will mean a lot to her as well.

I worked for an organization called Children’s HopeChest for five years. In September of 2006 I went to Atlanta with the president of HopeChest, Tom Davis. Tom was speaking about orphan care at an adoption conference and I went along to run the HopeChest booth and answer questions. The conference was focused on adoption so most of the couples there were either in the process or ready to start looking into the option.

God gave me an overwhelming heart and passion for adoption when I was 17. Mainly because that was when I took my first trip with HopeChest to Russia to work with orphans. After repeated trips I knew I would adopt most of my children.

So here I was… at an adoption conference… watching all these couples talk to agencies and gather information… and all I could think about was…. “When will it be my turn?!” I wanted to adopt so badly, but didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, let alone a husband or the resources to begin an adoption…

And that’s when it happened… as clearly as I’ve ever heard him… I suddenly felt a peace in my heart and body… and (not audibly) I heard God whisper to my soul… “You already have a child that is alive in the world somewhere… they’re just not yours yet.” I can’t tell you the peace that gave me… here I was wondering when it was going to be my turn and God was telling me I was already a mother… I already had a child alive on the earth… and someday that child would be mine… I’ve held on to that since that conference in September 2006. A few weeks later I met Alan and a year later we were married…

We made our adoption age range zero to 5 due very largely to the fact that I knew I had a child that was born sometime around or before September 2006. Then, on April 1, 2010… I saw her… the face of a 5 1/2 year old girl… she was the one… the one God told me about 3 1/2 years earlier. I can’t tell you what a surreal experience it was to actually have a face and name to match the promise I felt God gave me. I wish I could post her sweet face right here…

By the time we bring her and her brother home our little girl will be close to her 6th birthday. While I’m a little sad to have missed so many years of her life… I know that those first 5 years didn’t belong to me… they belonged to her mother… her mother only got her for 5 years and I will have her for many many more… so I can’t be dissapointed about that… I’m more sad for her mother than for myself.

So there it is… God told me 3 1/2 years ago that I had a child out there… and now I know… it was her…

First Care Package to the Kids!


We’re sending off our first care package to the kiddos… A wonderful family has agreed to take it over for us. Here are a few pics of their first gifts from Mom and Dad!


We’re also sending out an email to the kids with a picture of us… hopefully they’ll get it next week. This will be their first real introduction to us… exciting!


What’s in a name?


We always had the names Zoe and Isaiah picked out if we got a girl and boy. We love those names… We assumed that our children would have hard-to-pronounce African names so always planned to shift their African name to their middle name and give them American first names. We weren’t expecting the names our kids received from their mother when they were born. They are beautiful names and wouldn’t be “strange” over here in America at all… we will probably change the spelling just a little bit to be easier over here… so, we’re holding off on Zoe and Isaiah… we’ll keep them in the pot for future kids… We’re not allowed to post their real names on the blog until after we pass court, but I can’t wait to share what their full names will be… they are rich in meaning and very honoring to their first set of parents. Can’t wait to share more…


The gift of soft Landings


Julie & I are blown away right now! This year has been bipolar to say the least, and we are currently riding one of those gracious & grateful waves. We just returned from the furniture store with smiles on our faces. Good friends of ours gave us a large gift card to buy furniture for our kids & our future house.

It felt so foreign to us to walk through the store and ask “what should we buy?” instead of “what can we afford?” We have bedroom sets for our kids (1 beautiful & 1 manly) and a full couch to watch movies on while we spill popcorn and Coke all over it.

Anyone who knows Julie & I knows that we are thrifty (okay, “cheap” can suffice) so we would have NEVER done this without this gift. I have never journeyed a year of my life with so many humbling gifts from others. Thank you all for investing in us, our kids & things deeper than we would have ever dreamed of. Now I can focus on being a dad and not worry about how I can get my kids the gifts I dream about providing. THAT is truly a gift!


Desperately Seeking Stuff


Now begins the process of shamelessly asking people for their stuff… with 2 kids coming… here is what we currently have:

1. A room

2. A dresser

3. 2 teddy bears

It’s a start! So here it is… we have a little girl who will be 6 years old in October and a little boy turning 2 this month. WE NEED STUFF! Clothes, furniture, toys, you name it… we need it… so, if you live in Colorado Springs and would like to graciously donate to us some of your kids things that they’ve grown out of or don’t use anymore… please feel free… (we seriously need everything!) You can email us at juliebriggsis(at)gmail(dot)com or bring stuff to Alan at Vanguard church.

Thank you in advance!!!