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I’m looking forward to making family traditions with our kids. Christmas traditions… birthday traditions… any kind of traditions…

Alan bought me this for Christmas…

Thanks baby… I’ll wear it everyday


Remember when…


This is a picture from the day we got engaged… I had no idea it was coming… I thought we were spontaneously going skydiving… people do that… right?.. best decision I ever made… I love you baby!

Causes at Christmas


Julie & I love Christmas, but I think we all know that we’ve mixed ourselves up about what it’s about. We have begun a tradition of picking a different cause each Christmas to support instead of receiving gifts. If you are interested in helping us this holiday season we will be raising money for clean water in Ethiopia (in the global sphere) and supporting the Best Christmas Ever (in the local sphere). Best Christmas Ever provides familes with an experience together at Mr. Biggs, a bucket of food to make for Christmas day and a bike for each kid. We are efforting to help 8,000 folks in CSprings this season who can’t afford a whole lot.

Money for Ethiopian water projects will be collected and added to a water initiative there in the next few months. We are very excited about what God is doing in and around those we know. If you are interested in helping this effort checks can be made to us with “Water” on the memo line. We believe that this will not only give them water but an understanding that others care and certainly their creator cares.

A self-defeating prayer


Julie here… I think about our kids everyday… I am so anxious to welcome them into our family and figure out what our new normal will be. I want to have them as soon as possible because it’s really hard to plan out 2010 when we don’t know when we’ll be getting two kids. I’m afraid we’re going to get our referral when Alan is away… I’m not looking forward to waiting for a first court date… maybe even a second or third court dates because I know it will be even harder to wait once we’ve seen their faces… I can’t wait to know if they are boys or girls and what ages… will we have an infant or a kindergartener… or both?

All that to say… last night I found myself praying that our kids would get to be with their birth family for as long as possible. To me this sounds very self-defeating. I want them to be with us now… I want to be their mom… but that is selfish of me… because I truly love these kids that are not mine yet I feel a burden for them to get as much time with their family as they can get. Their lives will already be unfair because they won’t get to grow up with their biological parents or even in their home country. Alan and I are going to give them the best life we can and will try to be positive and loving parents… but they deserve more… It’s sad to think that in order for our kids to join our family they have to suffer such extreme loss…. this breaks my heart… so as much as I want them in my arms right now… I”ll keep praying this prayer…  They deserve as much love and hugs and kisses from their biological mother and father, extended family, siblings… whoever they have… so, God… as much as I hate to say it… keep them in Ethiopia as long as possible…

“Are you adopting because you can’t HAVE kids?”


We get this question quite often. Well meaning folks trying to get to the heart of the issue often assume that the only reason to adopt is because you can’t have bio kids. While I understand that this is what many think, I believe the face & heart of adoption is changing. There are many amazing people who are heatbroken that they cannot have kids, & I believe the miracle of adoption spotlights God’s ironic & redemptive movement particularly clearly in these cases.

One reason we have this blog is to walk folks through the journey of two folks who chose this all along. As you might know Julie was at a point where she couldn’t sleep at night in expectation of starting this process. It’s as if her heart was pumping so much for orphans that she just couldn’t settle down. We know there are many couples just like us. Every week it seems we meet another high school or college student who realizes the call to adopt before they are even hitched. Things are changing. People are aware. Students grow up in a global world. The global village is coming into our living rooms…by choice.

If you have asked us this question we are not offended…just impatient. We want people to see the plight of the orphan NOW, to see there is a world full of kids who don’t care if they have their own bedroom or an account started for their college education. Adoption isn’t about not being able to birth babies; it’s about God birthing a vision inside of us.

2 Months!!


We’ve now officially been on the waitlist for two months. The hard part about adopting two kids is that we are given no estimate on the amount of time it will take to get a referral. It could come tomorrow… or it could be another six months. It’s hard to wait when you don’t know how long the wait will be. People ask me all the time if we’ve heard anything about the kids… I wish… honestly, we won’t hear anything at all until we are actually introduced to the two little ones who will be our children. So trust me people… when we hear anything we’ll tell everyone… 🙂

We got a check in the mail yesterday for $2,000. Friends are good… God is great!