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I really want this…


Is this shameless or what?!


A plug for a fellow adoptive family!

This is a link to some great jewelry and many specifically about Africa. Many in the Ethiopian adoption world know about this already, but you should check it out at JunkPosse jewelry. The lady who makes these necklaces has offered to give part of the proceeds to a family who is adoption from Ethiopia. 
Here are a few of the necklaces she sells…
Also, If you order a necklace and mark “Bottomly baby” in the notes section, she will include a free pair of earrings!

We’re the 5th best choice for our kids


“Adoption isn’t the best option, not even close…it’s the 5th best option”. I have been hearing this phrase more and more lately. No one should argue that adoption is the best option for kids. We desire familial love and care for every kid under the sun, whatever race, whatever religion, whatever continent…but we know that just isn’t always the case.
It’s hard living in this broken, busted up world. We live in the reality that God already reigns over all, but we drink equally of the reality that our world isn’t yet fully restored. I struggle daily between these two. I see dirty and wrong things being restored, but we also see beautiful things being tainted.
We press on in the reality of the “already, not yet.” 

So, for our kids… best option would be to stay with their birth family. Second best option would be to stay with relatives, third best option would be to stay in their country and their community, fourth best option would be to be adopted by an african american family somewhere, fifth best option is… us.

Sometimes the first four options don’t work out… for the ones that don’t get one through four… we’re happy to welcome you to the Briggs Family! And more than anything we want you to know that you were OUR first choice!

~Alan and Julie

Adoption Dinner was a Great Success


Alan and I were incredibly blessed at our adoption fundraiser dinner this past Friday night. We were blown away by the friends we have who would work early and late and several for long hours helping us with this event. Then we were blown away by the turnout and the generosity of people with their check books. We had about 60 people show up and overall we raised $1,500 that night. This far exceeded our expectations and we’re so blessed. We’re well on our way to $20,000 raised. We can’t believe how good God is and how good our community is. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us and our future kids. Now we just have to wait and find out who they are…

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Contract Painting for Christmas???


Last week one of Alan’s friends asked him to do a painting he could use as a wedding gift. All he said was it needs to be black, white, and grey, and have a guitar in it. This is what Alan came up with:


Personalized paintings make great Christmas/wedding/birthday gifts. If you want to do something unique and special this year consider contracting a painting. All the proceeds go straight towards our adoption. If you’re interested in having Alan paint something for you contact us at juliebriggsis(at)gmail(dot)com. Or call Alan’s cell at 719-271-5866.

1 Month and Adoption Fundraiser Dinner


So… we’ve now officially been waiting one month. One month down… who knows how many to go…

Also, we’re hosting a fundraiser for our adoption… here are the details… hope you can make it!


Friday November 13th 6:30 PM


Dub Euro Upper Lounge 3958 N. Academy Blvd. (Accross from Vanguard Church)


Anyone interested in supporting our adoption…who RSVP’s!!!


To raise money & awareness for our adoption

How much?

$15 per person

We have been accepted to the wait list, and are waiting to find out who our kids will be. This process will take a few more months but we still have a lot of money to raise. We would love to have you attend, eat dinner with us, peruse homemade & Ethiopian art (available for donation), and hear more of our heart for our Ethiopian adoption. We are preparing a gourmet meal for each person so you MUST RSVP.

– RSVP to juliebriggsis(at)gmail(dot)com by Nov 6th

Hope to see you there!!

Alan and Julie Briggs