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A cool adoption story


Check out this great adoption story!


Update, hold-ups, Ethiopian adoption CSprings community


I’ll get straight to the point this time…

– Paintings are selling fairly well, but money coming in has slowed

– We’ll be doing a formal dinner and art show in the fall, stay tuned

– We are waiting for my (Alan’s) birth certificate copy, FBI letter, and fingerprint approval.

– We have been given the okay by Gladney to travel for a few weeks before we meet and bring home our kids. We want to explore the country via backpack, feet, car, and airplane.

– We are meeting next Sunday with a group from the area who have adopted or are adopting from Ethiopia- pumped!

– Julie’s parents are now sponsoring a a little girl named Tsega from Ethiopia.

Dreams and Prophesy


I’ve had several dreams about our future children. I haven’t had one in the last several months, but I had another one last night. Most of the dreams I’ve had have been us getting two girls. Last night I dreamt that we received a referral for a boy and a girl ages 3 and 4.

When Alan and I were in St Louis a few weeks ago we spoke with a wonderful older lady who planted a garden in the middle of the crack neighborhood she lives in. She’s very much a matriarch of her society and many people love and look up to her. She told me on that trip that we were going to get a boy and a girl. Prophesy? We’ll see… I just know I’m excited to find out who they are… however long we have to wait to see… 🙂


Puerto Rican Birth Certificate


Alan was born in Puerto Rico… very cool… until you decide to live in America and adopt internationally. We have two original copies of Alan’s birth certificate (in Spanish) so I innocently assumed that we could send one of them away with our dossier never to be seen again. And the other we could keep in our records. Well, I’ve recently discovered that we need a more recent copy of his birth certificate. What?! Do birth certificates expire or does the information change somehow? So now I have to FedEx a request to Puerto Rico for certified copies of Alan’s birth certificate. The process seems easy enough… fill out form, include copy of Alan’s passport, send $9 money order, and a return envelope. The big mystery will be seeing how long it takes to get the certificates back. We’ll keep our fingers crossed… and keep jumping through these hoops!