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$100 for any of these adoption paintings until August 4th!!!


“Love Tree” 12×12 (Acrylic on canvas)CIMG3333

“Paint & Nails” 16×20 (Acrylic on wood)CIMG3328







“Pieces” 10×20 CIMG3322

“That Way” 16×20 (Acrylic on canvas)CIMG3318









“Checkers & Sunset” 16×20 (Acrylic on Canvas) CIMG2995






“Africhaos” 16×20 double canvas (Acrylic-Newsprint-Wire) CIMG3083


Nearly orphans in St. Louis


Julie & I spent last week in inner city St. Louis. It was great-painful-exciting-sobering. I was most impacted by kids.

KIDS WITH BARELY ANY PARENTS…an all-too-familiar story. Many of our students have barely any parents. It struck a nerve in us.

THERE ARE ORPHANS AND NEAR-ORPHANS AROUND US EVERY DAY. We need not go to Africa, Russia, or Guatemala to find them. Some are drawn to foreign lands for this, but all of us can love those right around us.


A friend we met in St. Louis

A friend we met in St. Louis

We’re In!


We just received word from Gladney (our adoption agency) that we’ve officially been accepted into their Ethiopia program! This is great news. We’ve done a lot of work towards the adoption without knowing for sure that we’d be accepted into their program. There is always a chance that after submitting all your paperwork the agency can review it and decide for some reason that you are not approved into the program… it could be for things such as… you don’t make enough money to support a family of 4 (in our case) or you have some sorted stuff in your past that they don’t think will be heathly for children. Anyway, we’ve officially passed the test and are IN! I’m so excited to hear this because if we didn’t get approved into the program it would have set us back both financially (we’d be out $) and time wise, since we’d have to find a new agency.
Now we move on to the dossier part of the adoption process. We’ve almost collected all the documents we need for the dossier and are well on our way to being on the waitlist! In case you couldn’t tell… I’m very excited about this! Thanks for all you’ve been doing to help us get here.

Ordinary Steps to Climb the Mountain of Adoption



I climb mountains. I love it & hate it. (This is the glory shot of our team summiting a mountain in New Zealand). Everyone always wants to see the “glory shot” at the top of the mountain, but no one wants to hear what every step of the journey was like- blisters, freezing apendages, hunger, altitude sickness, dehydration. Pretty much the same with adoption.

People ask every week, “How is the progress coming?” We love that people care about us enough to ask but, honestly, we’ve never done this before so we’re not really sure what to say. Ordinary steps, ordinary conversations, ordinary paperwork, ordinary feelings en route to this extraordinary call.

One foot in front of another and we’ll soon be able to share the “glory shot” with you all. Here are a few ordinary steps that have happened in the last few days.

-Julie & I thought about the stares we’ll get (location: sitting in a pub)
-Got asked “do you have kids yet” by a guy, told him our story (location: on the basketball court)
-Wondered what it will be like when we don’t get much undisturbed time (location: on the couch)
-Got a check from a college student for $100 (location: in a hallway)
-Got an adoption magazine Julie ordered (location: at kitchen counter)
-Had a friend say “I can’t wait to meet your kids” (location: Starbucks…it’s a coffee chain)

“Baby Steps, Baby Steps” Bob

Adoption: A Lesson In Patience



We’ve heard so many people say it… adoptions is just a whole lot of waiting… and boy were they right. And we’re not even to the really hard waiting part yet! Right now we’re waiting for our official approval from Gladney into their program. Then we’re waiting for our invitation to get electronic finger prints in Denver. Then we wait for our dossier to be finished. Then we wait to officially be on the waitlist (ironic?). Then comes the really important waiting… waiting for a referral… this could take months and months. Once we get a referral we’ll wait for a court date… then we wait for travel dates… are you sensing the theme? 🙂
I definitely agree that adoption is a lesson in patience… so if you’re wondering how everything is going…we’re busy…waiting.


Ethiopia Fun Facts


Queen of ShebaKing Solomon’s wife was from Ethiopia…

Ethiopian New Year is September 11th. Ethiopia still retains the Julian calendar, in which the year is divided into 12 months of 30 days each, and a 13th month of five days and six days during the leap year. The Ethiopian Calendar is almost eight years behind the Gregorian calendar. The current year according to the Ethiopian calendar is 2001, which began on September 11, 2008 of the Gregorian calendar. The year 2002 will begin on September 11, 2009.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee… ethiopian_coffee_040609