Should pro-life = pro-adoption?


I was sitting with a few friends talking about deep life truths. Then one of them piped up and said, “If we say we’re pro-life we HAVE to be pro-adoption.” It hit me between the eyes. I had never heard it said that bluntly before.

Today Julie and I helped facilitate the local ‘Walk for Life’ here in the Springs. Julie works at Life Network doing administration and counseling many young, possibly-pregnant women. In addition to my job as the student pastor at Vanguard Church I speak in the local high schools about the benefits of abstinence. Julie’s mom is the director of the pregnancy center here in town. My brother and sister-in-law adopted a boy and are in process of adopting another. We are adopting two kids from Ethiopia. These things are not accidents.

Recently it occured to me that so much of the Briggs’ lives are dedicated to re-awakening the call to see people through the loving eyes of God…students, young mothers, fetuses, children. We love them all. So does God. Only two weeks ago I realized that these aren’t separate events, ministries, or ideas. Our ministies are the regurgitation of the love God has given us that we are giving to others.

So, should pro-life = pro-adoption? We believe it should. We believe it’s shallow and empty to say that women should birth unplanned babies without us stepping up to do something about it. We MUST offer them an alternative. We MUST be willing to sacrifice something costly if we can back up our cause of call to see lives be spared. Please don’t get me wrong, there are some who might not actually do the adopting, but they should do something. We have had friends step up to give us money, encourage us, and pray their mugs off for us because they believe in life. They have shared their lives and their hearts with us as they have said, “we believe in you guys and we believe in adoption!” ~Alan


About roadtoadoption

We are Alan & Julie Briggs. In June 2010 we brought home Bethlehem and Emanuel from Ethiopia. We're enjoying this new family thing and will attempt to document some of our journey here. In July 2011 we added Eli to the family. No kids to 3 kids in 13 months... possibly some sort of record. :)

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